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Property Management

PHFA believes that an affordable apartment turns hardship into happiness. Companies that manage affordable units financed with an Agency loan and/or Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) will find guidance and information on reporting requirements and regulatory compliance.

If you have any questions regarding the content on this page, please contact Housing Management at 717.780.3819.

Best Practices



Category includes strategies and systems to ensure compliance with financing programs.

Efficiency Processes

Streamlining process for office and paperwork efficiency, file organization and set-up, turnover efficiency, working with teams, etc.

Problem Solving

Category relates to on-site crime prevention, implementing a successful non-smoking policy, successfully bedbug elimination procedures, etc.

Property Performance

Category includes improving overall property operations such as rent collection, delinquency reduction, vacancy prevention, budgeting, etc.

Accessible Unit Resource Center

The purpose of this guidance is to underscore the obligations associated with accessible units and to provide clear processing instructions for owners and management agents relating to the rental and subsequent reporting of occupancy for accessible units.

This policy governs the initial occupancy efforts and subsequent marketing and monitoring of accessible units in the low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program and other PHFA financings.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Resource Center

Multifamily Affordable Housing Conference

Housing Services and Housing Management offer educational opportunities for managers and service coordinators to increase capacity to design and implement effective service programs. These trainings and forums expose staff to resources, strategies, and best practices in service-enriched housing.

Property Management Training Events

Financial Operations Information and Forms

This section of the Agency's Web site includes information and forms for preparing and submitting annual operating budgets, monthly and quarterly operating reports, and audited financial statements. In addition, the property insurance requirements for developments with loan financing are also included.

Agency Financed Properties-Manual



Sample Verification Forms

Management Document Checklists

Please utilize the following checklists to assist with preparing the property’s Management Plan, Tenant Selection Plan, Lease, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan and VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan (if applicable). The checklists are guides and specify information that must be included in each document. Additional policies and procedures may be added at the discretion of the agent. Please consult your legal counsel if you have questions regarding the legality of your proposed policies or procedures. Here are a few helpful tips when preparing the documents:

  1. Ensure all items on the checklist are included prior to submission.
  2. List the item’s page number on the checklist for an efficient review of documents.
  3. Place the date in the footer of each document and update as revisions are completed.
  4. Please note that there may be overlap between the documents; specifically the Management Plan and Tenant Selection Plan.
  5. These documents are reviewed and treated separately.

PennHOMES Annual Report

Housing Trust Fund Annual Report

Capital Magnet Fund Annual Report

HOME Compliance

Multifamily Post Closing Fees

Low Income Housing Tax Credits-Manual




Sample Verification Forms

Owner's Certification of Continuing Program Compliance







Reference Material

Non Performance Based Section 8-Manual

In this section, companies that manage rental properties financed with an Agency loan and/or Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) will find guidance and information on reporting requirements and regulatory compliance.

If you have any questions please contact Housing Management at 717.780.3819.


EIV Forms

Expense and Allowance Forms

Sample Verification Forms

Quick Start Housing Resources

PHFA and the Self-Determination Housing Project's Regional Housing Coordinators have compiled information about specific social service and housing resource agencies throughout the Commonwealth. This information is designed to help you identify where to start inquiries about local service and housing related resources. The Agency does not represent that the information contains all agencies and related organizations in the service areas.

To locate resources in your area, please choose a county from the menu below.

The information provided on each resource page is updated and maintained by SDHP's Regional Housing Coordinators.  Questions or concerns regarding this list should be directed to

Housing Management Training Corner

Additional videos can be found on our Housing Management YouTube Channel.

The material contained in this video has been prepared by and for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) for informational purposes only. Please note that all videos are protected under copyright law even if they are not distributed with software that includes an end user license agreement.