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Legal and Technical Information

This Web Site Generally:

The materials contained on this Web site have been prepared by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) for informational purposes only. They are presented without any representation or warranty whatsoever regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information. The information contained on this Web site is provided only as general information, which may not reflect the most current information available. If you have concerns, please contact the appropriate PHFA representative to ensure that you have the most current information.

Authentication and any URL containing as part of the address (for example, constitute the official Web site of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. No other Web site, provider, or service is authorized to provide online information regarding the affairs of PHFA.


Links to information on sites other than those operated by or on behalf of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency are for your convenience only and are not an endorsement or recommendation of those sites. PHFA does not control or provide any content or information at these sites, makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to these sites or their content, and does not maintain, operate, or take responsibility for information.  PHFA does not support or endorse external links and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of such content or information on external web sites and any use thereof is solely at the user’s risk.

Accessibility Policy and Assistance

On this site you may find documents in Portable Document Format (pdf), Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls/xlsx) Macro Enabled Excel (xlms) and Powerpoint (ppt/pptx). If you have trouble accessing any of these files, visit the Microsoft website and the Adobe website for instructions on how to access Microsoft files and Portable Document Format files.

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We are constantly updating our site in an attempt to make it as accessible as possible.

PHFA strives to ensure equal opportunity and access to all programs and opportunities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Solutions Center at 1.855.U.Are.Home (827.3466).

Privacy and Security Statement:

PHFA respects your right to privacy and will take every precaution to protect it when you visit our Web site or contact us via e-mail. The Privacy and Security Statement can be found on our Privacy & Security Web page.

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In some cases PHFA will utilize pop–up windows to display information. These windows may be blocked from view by pop–up blockers.

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Internet browsers that we support have built in pop–up blocking abilities. If this function is turned on while navigating, then some information may be blocked. Please turn these functions off while viewing

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