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Mortgage Mediation

The Residential Mortgage Diversion Program was created to provide a stay of foreclosure on owner-occupied homes. This stay allows the parties an opportunity to reach an agreement to reinstate the loan and avoid foreclosure.

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency has formed a collaborative effort with The National Real Estate Institute and The American Society of Certified Housing Executives (ASCHE) to work with selected PHFA-approved housing counseling agencies to provide comprehensive loss mitigation services to residents involved with the diversion court process in Pennsylvania's participating Counties. Homeowners can choose to meet with an experienced housing counseling specialist from one of the approved counseling agencies, who will discuss a variety of mortgage-related options to address the homeowners' particular situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this initiative, please contact PHFA directly at 1.800.635.4747.

Special Disclaimer: The list provided represents counseling agencies in the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Network that are approved by PHFA to assist consumers inside and outside of the court in connection with the Monroe County Residential Mortgage Diversion Program. This is a pre-selected group of counseling agencies for this particular initiative and only counselors employed by these agencies are authorized by PHFA to assist homeowners in relation to this project.

To locate a counseling agency in your area, please choose a county from the menu list below; or, select "All Counties" for a statewide list.